DigiRack AMA Recap on Satoshi Street Bets

5 min readApr 21, 2022

Satoshi Street Bets hosts DigiRack’s for its first-ever AMA.

Find below the transcript of the AMA.


Can’t wait to hear about your team , your project , your future and how you are changing the game

Q1: Can you introduce the Digirack project to us?

Digirack is a multi/cross-chain digital collectible and NFT marketplace built on the Cardano blockchain

Digirack was created with art creators in mind

Creators can turn their paintings, journals, music as NFts, list and trade them on the Digirack marketplace

Q2: Who is the team behind the project and what backgrounds do they have to make this project a success?

Digirack is founded by Mr Shirajuddin, who has founded a couple of successful tech stat-ups.

The Digirack development team comprises of experienced Node Js, Vue, Haskell and Plutus Developers who have been on the Cardano Space for a while, we also onboarded project Advisors who have extensive knowledge of the De-Fi and NFT Ecosystem

Q3: Why did you guys choose the Cardano blockchain?

There are numerous reasons to mention, the Cardano blockchain boasts of low gas fees compared to the other blockchains, it’s security and scalability is another reason why we chose to build the Digirack NFT marketplace on the Cardano Blockchain

Q4: What makes your project unique and different than the other projects we see coming out? Why should we ape?

The Development team has been behind the scenes for months, building to make the DigiRack the go to NFT mall on Cardano as users will be able to mint their NFT’s with a few clicks on the website and can also list their NFTs, collectibles or collections for sale.

The Digirack team will also be incorporating a lazy minting process to incentivise creators who can’t afford gas fees, what this actually means is that NFT’s are available off chain or outside the blockchain.

Creators don’t have to pay gas fee’s upfront to mint their NFT’s the minting fee is paid only when the NFT is purchased


That interesting !!


That sounds really innovative


Love to hear that


You are bringing something new and disruptive to the space like that 👌🚀

Q5: Can you tell us more about what you are developing? What is the utility? What is the value proposition?

We are developing not just the Digirack NFT marketplace where one can mint, buy and sell NFT’s but also a launchpad where creators and projects looking to launch their collections or NFT’s can be accelerated with the help of Digirack

Q6: Are you audited? If so by whom?

The Contract is still actively developed and according to the Roadmap, once we are done with the incentivised private test-net, we will proceed with the contract audit

Q7: What does your roadmap look like and how do you feel about your progress to date?

The Roadmap was carefully crafted to accommodate all the work timeframe and also time accommodate time required to accomplish such tasks, so far we have been on track and there hasn’t been any delays whatsoever.

We are also delighted at the pace at which the development team is progressing so far, they have been able to do a UI overhaul of the NFT marketplace, developed the buy — sell smart contract and have successfully tested it on the Plutus play ground and also successfully completed the Nami wallet integration

Q8: Is the road map available for public viewing anywhere?

Yes, the Roadmap is public and can be found on the DigiRack website https://digirack.io


Thanks !!


That’s great

“2AM Thoughts 无可争议的国王,

[In reply to Digirack NFT]”

Looks quite cool

Q9: What marketing campaigns are you currently running and what do you have lined up?

Without marketing and brand awareness any product or company is dead on arrival, we have partnered with a few Marketing and PR firms to put Digirack in-front of the Cardano Ecosystem and this is backed by a huge marketing allocation

Q10: What is your long-term vision for the project?

The Long term goals and vision of the project is to be the go to platform to anything NFT on the Cardano Ecosystem, as big as the vision is, we believe we have a competent team to actualise it.

Q11: Where can I buy the Rack token, is there currently a sale?

Rack Token isn’t listed on any exchange yet and the Pre-sale has been scheduled to start on the 30th of April however,

We Will Be Giving SSB Group members First Access To participate In Digirack Token Pre-Sale

Read Digirack Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/735xiq7xuyp4erh6

Pre-Sale Details

Pre-Sale Allocation: 10,000,000 RACK Tokens

Price: 1 ADA = 10 Rack Tokens

Pre-Sale Duration: 35 Days

Buy Rack Token Here: ########

How To Buy

Purchase ADA From Exchange, Send Purchased ADA To Cardano Compatible Wallet

Open The Digirack Token Sale Page

Send ADA To The Pre-Sale Address.

Your $Rack token Will be airdropped to you Address After The TGE (Token Generation Event)


Oooooo …. this is fire … first access 🔥🔥🔥

Digirack NFT,[In reply to SSB]

The least we could do at the moment……

Q12: Will There be A vesting Period for Rack Token?

There will be no vesting, however users will be incentivised to stake their $Rack token to earn rewards.

Q13: On What Exchanges will it be listed on?

The Rack token will be listed on Centralised and Decentralised exchanges, it is quite early to disclose the names of the exchanges it will be listed on.




Well we have reached the top of the hour


Thank you so much for joining and bringing your project to our attention


We are super excited to have early access to this gem


Please stay in touch and keep us in the loop about every thing

Digirack NFT,

Thank you for having me here and its been great being here, hopefully we can do another AMA here with the community.

Duty calls i have to say Bye for now.


Sounds good


Please do come back for another AMA!


Talk to you soon

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