DigiRack Token Sale Update

2 min readMay 7, 2022


Hello Digirack Community

We have some updates to make.

For the past couple of months, we have been developing some exciting new features for the DigiRack NFT Marketplace that would be launched on the Cardano blockchain and the we are 90% ready for a public testnet in the coming weeks or days.

Have A Brief Look At The Development Progress In Pictures

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DigiRack’s aim is to add more incentives that are not to be found on existing Cardano NFT marketplaces to make our platform even more rewarding for creators, artistes and NFT traders.

We have also made new partnerships which will be announced in the coming weeks as well.

The Not-so-bad news, everyone!

We are postponing the $Rack Token Sale which was earlier scheduled to commence on April 20th due to the current market sentiment and volatility.

We decide this is not the right timing to begin our sale rounds which might affect the overall general success of the $RACK token sale.

We will be monitoring market conditions and will announce new dates once the entire crypto market becomes favorable.

About DigiRack

DigiRack is a decentralised Cross-chain NFT Marketplace that would initially be leveraging the scalability, security and interoperability of the Cardano Blockchain to develop a one of a kind, secured and decentralised NFT Marketplace which leverages the multiple benefits of the Cardano Blockchain where users can be able to mint, sell, purchase NFT’s while paying just a fraction of that in fees.

Users can be able to purchase NFTs in an outright purchase transaction or in an auction bid or timed auction.

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