DigiRack Updated Roadmap

2 min readApr 15, 2022

Hello guys, once more we have another blog post to update the DigiRack community of the Development teams plan to update the DigiRack NFT Marketplace roadmap to be able accommodate all the work that has to be done and the adequate time required to deliver such task.

The revision of the Roadmap doesn’t effect the Marketplace launch time or have any major changes to the previous roadmap, however this will include some new features being added to the NFT Marketplace and then adjusting some features on the timeline.

The teams commitment to following the roadmap will and using agile methodologies will increase the chances of the success of the product.

We have deployed a roadmap that will fulfil the needs of the project, by designing it to accommodate launching the an initial product then making increments over a functional product that enhances the user experience and user expectations.


Q1 2022

• Digirack Project Spec Outline

• NFT Market Research & Implementation On The Cardano Blockchain

• Development Team Set Up

• NFT Marketplace Technical Documentation

• UI/UX Design Layout

• Front-End Design & SC Implementation

• MVP Release

• Digirack Internal Beta Testing

• Digirack Litepaper Release

• Front-End Over Haul With Extra Features

Q2 2022

• Social Media Set Up

• Website Release

• $Rack TGE

• *Flash Sale To Early Adopters (Founders NFT)

• Pre-Sale

• Strategic Partnerships

• Incentivized Private Beta Testnet

• Bug Bounty Campaign

• Smart Contract Audit

• Digirack Whitepaper V1.0 Release

• Public Sale

• RNFTS Launch (Rack NFTs

• Mainnet Launch

• Marketplace Launch

• Minting Feature Launch

• Featured NFT Drops

Q3 2022

• Stake Pool Launch

• DEX Listing

• ADA Handle Integration

• NFT Launchpad Integration

• NFT Bid & Auction

• CEX Listing

• Coinmarketcap & Coin Gecko Listing

Q4 2022

• Digirack NFT Wallet

• NFT Swap

• NFT Staking

• NFT Gaming Integration

• NFT Live Tracker

Q1 2023

• Digirack Governance DAO Mechanism For Digirack Utilizing $Rack Tokens & RNFTs (Rack Non-Fungible Tokens)

• Additional Featured NFT Voting Mechanisms For Digirack

• Digirack Metaverse Integration & Digiverse Marketplace Launch For In-Game Collectibles

• Digiverse Metaverse Game Launch

• To Be Announced

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