The Driving Force Behind Digirack : Meet The CEO Shirajuddin M

2 min readApr 18, 2022

Shirajuddin has been in the internet space right from it’s early days and entered into the blockchain ecosystem in late 2020 which was coincidentally the Year NFts took off and he quickly saw the huge potentials of this new technology.

Shirajuddin is a software engineer with a focus on user experience, with a passion for creating tools, products, and services that people LOVE to use.



Mr Shirajuddin has founded couple of tech startups and is now poised to leave a lasting impact by leveraging the Cardano blockchain technology to develop a state of the Art NFT marketplace and NFT launchpad focused on Cardano Non Fungible tokens.

There are a dozen other Developers that major in specific programming languages like Vue, Node JS, Haskell who are behind the scenes developing and building out the platform.

Speaking about Digirack, Damir Hajdić one of the Co-Founders said:

“The NFT market is exploding as more NFT utilities are being discovered in form of play to earn games which is a high indicator that NFTs are here to stay.

We will be onboarding new members of the team who will join us in this adventure and we hope that even some of you will be part of what we are building.

We are still hiring developers, advisors and plan to add more people to our amazing team, for the development and sustainability of the DigiRack NFT Ecosystem.

As seen on the DigiRack website’s team page, other team members include Denis Lukavackic, Piyanut Wonglakhon and Damir Hajdić.

We are glad to have this amazing people on the team, also we would in a subsequent post introduce fully all other team members.

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